Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Survive Air Terrorism

1. Travel with an airline that has no or few political enemies.

2. Do not wear Army or ex-Army clothing.

3. Do not carry on your luggage in Army issue bags or rucksacks.

4. If the plane is hijacked, keep quiet and don't draw attention to yourself.

5. Observe the terrorist's activities very carefully. If you do escape, you'll be able to help secure forces.

6. Stay in tourist class. 'Neutral' seating in tourist class is less likely to attract attention than first class. If the terrorists wish to show their determination, they may shoot hostages, and these are likely to have been chosen from passengers who are obviously important.

7. If kept in close quarters with a hijacker, talk about your own and his family. Making yourself a real, normal person in his eyes will be better. Don't talk politics.

8. If you can feign symptoms of sickness and keep it up, you may be released in an interim deal.

9. Don't wear religious or other insignia. The hijackers may not share your beliefs! No T-shirts with political slogans either!

10. Travel in loose, comfortable clothing. If you are hijacked you'll have to keep yourself cool, clean and healthy for some time. Play mind games to keep yourself sane.

11. Don't carry military documents on board. Pack them in your main luggage. If a hijacker finds out you're connected, you'll be singled out for rough treatment.

12. If the aircraft you are on is hijacked the best way to stay alive is not to attract attention. When hijackers make their move, they are looking for opposition. Anyone who looks like they're trying to stop them is likely to be shot.

13. Keep your eyes open, your mouth shut... and don't volunteer for anything!

14. If it looks like you going to die fight back.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purpose. We cannot be held responsible how you use this information.