Friday, March 23, 2012

Non-Firearm Combat

Bows and Crossbows

The bow is among the oldest weapons in the world and even the latest, high-tech bows use the same basic principles of the earliest bows. The idea is to silently deliver lethal force at a distance by using elastic energy to propel an arrow at the target. Modern bows are capable of reasonable accuracy and power but require a fair amount of practice to become proficient. Modern crossbows on the other hand, require less training, (they are aimed and fired much like a rifle) are more powerful and are more accurate than bows.

These weapons are capable of operation so quiet it would make a professional, machine shop silencer envious. The killing range of these weapons is quite limited and accuracy is a problem. 50 yards is the absolute maximum effective range but I would suggest less than half that for practical purposes. Hunting tipped arrow or bolts must be used for assassination work, target tips will not produce sufficient penetration. A clean shot to the heart will be necessary to ensure fatality, even a razor tipped arrow can't be counted on to make penetration with a headshot. Firing a bow or crossbow at a target wearing heavy clothing or who is behind vehicle or building window glass will greatly reduce your chances of success.

A great deal of planing must be used to make the use of bow or crossbow for selective assassination a success. Reloading time is rather slow (faster for bows than crossbows) so a follow up shot probably won't be a possibility… you've got to make your shot count. You will have to make your shot from fairly close range, somewhat like a Silenced .22 LR Rifle.

The large size of arrows and bolts produce a number of possibilities for modified ammunition including poison-filled hypodermic, incendiary or explosive. The use of modified ammunition will greatly increase the versatility of these weapons.

Choose at least a 60lb draw weight (draw weight is a measurement of the bow's power) for bows and at least 150lbs for crossbows. Anything less than this is just a toy and shouldn't even be considered for anything other than target shooting.

Always keep in mind the following;

- Choose a bow with at least a 60lb draw weight
- Choose a crossbow with at least a 150lb draw weight
- Select weapons with flat black or camouflage stocks and limbs
- Hunting tips must be used for selective assassination
- Optical sights will increase crossbow accuracy
- Modified ammunition will increase the versatility of these weapons

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