Friday, May 11, 2012

Basic First Aid Kit

1 elastic-roll bandage
Aspirin or ibuprofen
Adhesive tape
Alcohol swabs
Antiseptic ointment
Adhesive bandages, assorted sizes
Bug repellent
Bulb irrigating syringe
Butterfly bandages
Chemical heat and cold packs
Dry-wash pads or wipes
Diarrhea medicine
Gauze pads
Hydrocortisone cream (soothes allergic skin)
Mirror, small and unbreakable
Moleskin, 1 or 2 packets
Cotton swab, sterile, packaged in pairs
Safety pins
Scissors (Swiss Army Pen Knife has scissors, small blade and nail file)
Triangular bandage

Inspect the contents before every trip and make sure the tools are clean and supplies in good condition. Replace expired medicines and add items you wished you had brought on the last trip. Make sure the container is durable and waterproof and stow it in an accessible compartment of your backpack.