Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Disappointment in North Carolina

First of all I consider myself a Christian (No Denomination). I have a few gay friends that I really think a lot of. I am not gay, I have been married since I was 16 to the same woman we currently just celebrated our 20th anniversary.

I have a 19 year old son and a 12 year old daughter that I love more than life itself. I had a rough childhood (basically trailer trash I was considered) that didn’t bother me though. I was picked on about being poor in a rural farming community. Still I carried my own self and was not really worried about anyone else and I did the best I could with my limited knowledge and life experience. I worked in a hog farm, textiles, anything I could get at the same time as I was going to school.

Finally after 4 years I got a job in Information Technology. That was around 1997 I think, but enough of my life story it’s not the point.

I was raised in the church Sunday morning and night, Wed night as well and was a born again Free Will Baptist Church even at the age of 12.

I soon got a job in Raleigh and was trained by others in my field, something else they taught me was I was a product of my rural environment which there is nothing wrong with that I think to a degree we all are.
Since I was growing slightly older I was learning about myself, my family and how to treat other people with respect. Later on I soon saw the world for what it is. A hypocritical, racist society and when I say that I mean Black, White, Poor, Mexican, or anything different from the normal in the area of which I live.
I soon became a person that resented that, but I thought as time goes on people were being more understanding with everyone. Well I have seen now the complete non-understanding of ignorance and racism around me.

Voting for that Amendment without understanding that not everyone has the same values as you was an ignorant move for all of you. You are no better than HITLER with the Jewish, yes that is strong wording but I understand that my father in heaven had his life took to protect and provide us with SALVATION and his people then are persecuted even after his death.

Remember one thing we are all joints and parts of the body of Christ. Please I beg of you if you really think you are a true Christian as you preach and condemn that you are no better than the people you are talking about and judging.

Keep in mind there is NOTHING BUT SIN no little no BIG just SIN.  Racism, Adultery, Gluttony, Bestiality, Robbing, etc are all SINS.

My thing is if we went exactly by the Bible all Divorced People would be condemned, all Adulterys, all Drinking of Strong Drink, but at the same time it is OK for 2 women to lay together and also a man can lay with more than 1 woman as long as his bride allowed it and she was not married. So do your research about everything but the main thing is you are you’re brother’s keeper. When was the last time YOU brought your neighbor a glass of water when he was cutting his yard? That’s just an example.

I am not perfect I am not a genius. I am a simple man but I know HATE is a SIN as well. So I try never to hate someone of another religion, color, or sexual preference. You might not agree with it but they are still God’s children. Maybe if you showed a little love that might even come to your side and change their thought process. If not though Love Your Brother and Sister.

-Gary Langston