Sunday, May 13, 2012

Emergency Preparedness (Vehicle)

Often times we prep our houses, and just about every other area except one place we often miss. Our Cars and Trucks. I have compiled a small list of what you might need. Keep in mind all cars and trucks are different and what you might need will vary, you will have to adjust to your situation.

Oil Filter
Screwdriver, Phillips/Flat
Insulating tape, roll
Pliers, general purpose Alligator clips, electrical
Pliers, long nose
Electrical wire, roll 3mm
Spanner, adjustable 200mm
Tyre levers and wheel brace
Tyre pressure gauge
Wheel brace
Set metric spanners and sockets
Feeler gauges, set
Small hammer, hacksaw and blades
Fan belt and Power steering belt
Spark plug socket
Contact points and Spark plugs
Set of radiator and heater hoses
Jumper leads
Tyre pump, hand or foot operated
Grease, 500gms and Epoxy resin
Condenser and Coil
Fuel filter
Masking tape
Can of aerosol de-wetting agent
Rubber vulcanising tape
Brake fluid, 500ml
Plastic tubing, 8mm
Engine oil, 5L and Gear oil, 500ml Paint brush
Trouble light Magnet
Araldite fixative
Electrical fuses, set
Bead-breaker & tyre re-fitting tool
Compass (Do not rely on a GPS)
At least 5 gallons of gas. (Make sure that your gas storage system is safe)
and last but not least and emergency First Aid Kit.