Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Difference in Survival and Prepping

First off, I am not a prepper. There is nothing wrong with it but I do not practice it. I only keep enough supplies for 48 hours a little more than what FEMA suggests which is 36 hours. The way I look at it even at the END OF DAYS there is little or nothing you can prepare for or do to stop it. We have no idea what is going to happen and to be honest if it is really that bad I myself do not want to see it.

I am a survivalist, which means I know how to take care of myself and family in case we are stranded in the wilderness or we no longer have power. My family knows how to fish, hunt, and the basics of what our forefathers knew. We as a world have forgotten some of the most simplest things in basic living with out technology. Don't get me wrong I love my toys. If I loose them I need to be able to function and provide for my friends and family. Yes FRIENDS, and NEIGHBORS I am a Christian by faith and according to what I have been taught and read we are all our brother and sisters keeper. So next time you see someone in real need help them. I enjoy helping when I can, and don't look for a reward or praise. I feel as though I was rewarded by just being able to help.

Prepping, is a practice that has seen a lot of popularity in the past few years, which is great. Some people treat it as a hobby and something to do to pass time. This is really great. We need people that do it just from the stand point of inventing and the sharing of information. I have seen at least 20 different inventions created just because people are prepping and seen a necessity for a certain thing they needed.

Prepping is not hording it is families gathering materials they think might be needed in a emergency situation, they make plans of escape and hunkering down. Most have supplies for up to a year to live without the Grid.

I would like to implore you though on a few things. Learn basic first aid, learn CPR. You never know when you can help save a life. Teach your children, enroll them in scouting programs and teach them lessons from your own experiences so our future offspring can have similar values to you and your family.

One more last thing a lot of my writings and recipes are from other published works not all but some. If you find your's on my site let me know and I will give you full credit for them.

-Gary Langston