Saturday, May 12, 2012

Young Ladies and Gentlemen Listen

Recently I have noticed a lot of the traffic on talk on sex-ting.  I am a father and also I am a heterosexuality male. I do not think you understand the damage of what you are doing to yourselves.

First off if you are under 18 even though it's your body you are still spreading CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. That is unmoral and illegal. Now I know you are thinking what the heck I am just sending this to my boyfriend, but guess what you are not. If you are as young as 13 most of your boyfriends will send it to their friends. If that was bad enough after your or boyfriend breaks up he will send it to everyone he knows or even post it on the internet for revenge.

Now this starts another reaction happening, dirty old men and pedophiles will find these images and seek you out some of the times. I have read and seen these men fly from other city's just to meet you. They will create fake relationships with you and acting as they are near your age or offering you the world money, a safe place, etc. All I can add is Rape, Torture and Death is what is in store for you. Look up the statistics if you want.

Don't get me wrong 90% will fall for this just simply out of adolescent angst. It is not your fault you have been tricked and manipulated.

To all you boys and girls your body and mind are special do not get yourself in this situation nothing good can come from it. Use your phone for what it is suppose to do. Make phone calls and text, never send something as important as you body image to anyone. You destroy your own personal value by doing this.

As I have learned along time ago why should I buy the cow when the Milk is free. When anyone can see you and your body online for free your value has just dropped to almost nothing if you are looking for a quality relationship later in life.

-Gary Langston