Saturday, July 28, 2012

Made in the USA?

You know I have been thinking about what our country makes to provide for our own people and companies. We don't make anything compared to other country's. We have sat here and let all our textiles and manufacturing move to other places because the government (Who has our best interests they think) we have let it happen.

We have gave them the power to ruin our country, because we are not smart enough to stop voting for Republican or Democrat. Grow up research it and vote for YOU. If you are broke living week to week don't blame anyone but yourself. The faster we cut ties with the corporations getting tax breaks and free trade with other countries we will be better off. We need (As the people of the USA) to support our small companies and and start manufacturing our own products.

Bring the companies back to the United States. Stop with allowing Mexico and China to take advantage of us because we are to lazy or want a large salary for a typical job. If you want to make 6 figures have an education to create, motivate, design, and engineer new products and solutions. If you do not want to take the time to learn and educate yourself then be happy with a regular job. Which I am not down playing you or your job because you want to spend time with family or want just a 9 to 5 job. There is nothing wrong with that.

We are loosing the American Dream and very fast. Stop with all the wars bring our men and women home, unless there is a realistic threat. Stop wasting our money on wars with no winners or losers. Put your money back into our country and innovation then we will be back on the right track.

I do not have the answers for all problems, but you as a government do not either, you vote and pass for the bottom line of your wallets. That is sad you are elected to protect us (The American People) but all you have done is put us fighting for our homes worrying about medical bills, worrying about foreclosures. Our government scares me I no longer trust them, and as a child I was taught they new the best thing for the US.

We have to take this country BACK for us.