Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mobile Survival Gear

I try to stick with one brand of knives and tools. It is easier to keep up with most of tools and knives have a lifetime warranty (plus it helps me with my ocd). I use mostly Gerber everything. I really like the Bear Grylls survival series but I also use a variety of the Gerber Gear. If you are looking at making a kit for your car or truck here is a list of what I keep in my truck.

1. Gerber & Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit
2. Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III
3. Gerber & Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack with Multitool, Flashlight, and Fire Starter
4. Bridgestone and Travel Road Safety Kit with Carry Case
5. Gerber & Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang, With Nylon Sheath
6. Gerber & Bear Grylls Canteen Water Bottle with Cooking Cup
7. Cabala's Big Mouth Fishing Rod and Zebco 808 Reel
8. OD Wool Blanket -US Army Style x2
9. Adventure Medical Kit Outfitter Kit
10. Stormtech - Packable Rain Poncho (PCX-1)
11. Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar

If I am going to the woods or new territory I also carry a .22 with 100 rounds of ammo.

This sounds like a lot but it takes up very little space. You can find most of these items on or