Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weapons and Misconceptions

First off let me say I have nothing against a Rifle (AR,AK, or .308 etc.), but for survival and defence purposes if you choose one of these weapons you are probably going to kill a family member or even get yourself hurt.
Most people only fire their guns every 5 to 6 months or even years. They neglect practice and even let their guns sit and collect dust, but they feel secure just because they own one. The only thing you are doing is creating yourself and family into a false sense of security.
If this sounds like you, buy a shotgun! Load it with non-lethal ammo in the first round, bird shot, then 00 buckshot.
You might say Gary are you out of your redneck mind? No I know that if in the middle of the night you have a child or a family member (especially teenagers) and they do not answer you back right away when you call out to the person the first thing you will do is pull the trigger, even if it is an attacker it will knock the back away from you without killing anyone. The next load is birdshot because even with a perfectly built walls in your home you will penetrate what is on the side "Maybe the assailant is in front of your childs room" you can't fire due to the fact you could hurt someone in another room.

I can tell you that it might not kill the would be burglar but it will allow you to take control on the situation.
00 Buckshot for the third round is something I hope no one ever has to use but lets face it, a person high on LSD or Meth will continue to come after you so you have to silence the assailant for good.

Rifles are not so easy to do this with they will go through walls people (depending on the calibur). There is no excuse for you to trying to protect your family and then hurt or killing one of them because Daddy or Mama didn't properly learn how to handle and shoot the firearm.

-Gary Langston