Sunday, August 25, 2013

How To Create a VMWare Helpdesk Quick and Easy

First download Ubuntu Server. Next download Hesk Helpdesk Software (It is free but I suggest donating or buying a web server license)
Now you will need VMWare to create a Virtual Machine. Use the quick server creator it does everything for you so you can let it install while you do other things.

When the server install is finished login to the server and put in the command ubuntu@root: sudo apt-get update. Then ubuntu@root: sudo apt-get upgrade. When the updates are finished restart the vmware image. Log back into the server and type ubuntu@root: sudo tasksel here you will see a list of server types to install. Select LAMP Server. Then reboot after the install keep in mind you will need to put in a password for the mysql admin account

You might need an ftp server sometimes it doesn't auto install with LAMP. I use ftpd, so you will need to ubuntu@root: sudo apt-get install ftpd. Then I suggest to restart the host again this way you know if you have an issue with the server. One step at a time, I have found doing steps it is easier to keep up with in case something goes corrupt or has a bad install.

When the server comes back up login and cd .. down to the last directory. Then go to /var/.  ubuntu@root: chmod 777 www. That allows the server default web directory to be writable. Keep in mind you might want to adjust permissions when this is completed.

OK, from your windows or linux machine ftp to the ip address that it gets assigned. Unzip the directory that you downloaded from Hesk. Upload the files to your /var/www directory. I would also change the permissions again. chmod 777 /www. This makes the files you ftped write and replaceable.

Open a web browser go to "" this will allow you to configure the install of the helpdesk. Or whatever your ip address for the vmware server.

After the install you should be ready to go. Make sure to adjust the permissions that you made changes too. Also make sure to check for updates for the server and Hesk.

If you do not have VMWare you can find several vm images and just download the player, or a physical server.

I will post adjustments and the finer points of an install like this later on. This is a quick and dirty way to get it started.