Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Logan County Offers Property Fraud Alert System

A new program in Logan County will alert registered residents when anything false is filed under their name with the County Clerk Recorder.
It's a program that will help residents keep tabs on those who like to break the law.

"By statute, we are ordered to take every document in our office, if it meets the criteria," said Logan County Clerk Sally Litterly.

That means anyone can file anything under your name with the Logan County Clerks office, like a deed or a mortgage, whether it is true or not.

"Someone can try and get your identity, in whatever form they do that, then they can find out your social security number, then they can go to a bank, and say they have this piece of property, they own it and they want to mortgage that piece of property," said Litterly.

Litterly says property fraud is trending across the country with even a few attempts here in central Illinois.

The clerks office believes the fruadulent document was filed by a member of the sovereign citizens group.

"There is a group that has been identified through the FBI, and what sovereign citizens tends to do is they want to cloud the title of generally an elected official or someone that has wronged them in some way perhaps through the court system," said Litterly.

It's a group Dewitt County Sheriff, Jered Shofner, has dealt with in the past and says law enforcement officials are taking their claims and actions very seriously.