Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Using Vapor or Cigarettes the Government is At it Again (Sin Tax)

I have been a smoker of tobacco for years, I tried the patches and even the Chantix. I finally was able to stop using tobacco cigarettes by using a Vapor E-Cig.

Now people are starting to ban them just as if they are normal cigarettes, why? This product saved my body from pesticides and tar that normal cigarettes can cause cancer or COPD.

Not only the smell is gone and the carsongenics I am can say it is honestly healthier. Now they want to treat it as the same thing just so they can outcast people outside bars and the public. It's like being taxed for trying to live healthier.

Yet we have people that say the insurance system is so high because of smoking, drinking, and others. So I guess the reward for dieting should cost us more to try to live without preservatives and other bad things.

I guess I would be better off not exercising, smoking, drinking, and diabetes to get on disability to ease the pain of medicaid and medicare looking after me.

I am 2 weeks clean of tobacco and being able to be normal and not having withdrawals, I guess its not worth it anymore.

 - States of all US
Get your foot off our throat so we can provide for our children and others. Stop fighting wars we don't need to be in and lets look after our own, and borders.