Thursday, April 24, 2014

Immigration Fraud Alert

An imposter pretending to be an immigrations officer has targeted Herndon in the latest fraud to hit northern Virginia.

The fraudulent immigration officer has called two residents over the weekend, threatening to deport them over information in their immigration papers unless they give them a large sum of money, according to the Herndon Police Department.

The caller asks the victim to go to a gas station or convenience store and transfer a large sum of money into green dot prepaid cards, said Public Information Officer Lieutenant Jim Moore

“We actually had someone who actually fell for it and lost money this weekend,” he said. “They actually went to the convenient store and bought a lot of cards. They lost a lot of money.”

He declined to say how much money the victim paid. Also, he did not know how someone could get access to information about residents who have filed immigration forms.

Fairfax County Police Department and Loudoun County Police Department are also getting reports from residents.

Lt. Moore urges anyone who has received a call to contact their local police department. To contact Herndon PD, call 703-435-6846.

“If you are unsure whether or not the person you are speaking with is a legitimate representative of the U.S. Government, hang up and call the police. Do not agree to send money over the phone. If you have questions pertaining to your immigration status, you should report to your local immigration office and inquire in person,” according to a press release.