Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beginners Guide to e-Vapor or Electronic Cigarettes

First off, I never thought I would have stopped smoking cigarettes. I lack the self drive and willpower. Plus my temper would ignite with out the nicotine.

So I gave it a few years to let the technology evolve. I didn't want to be on the cutting edge of this new solution.

I finally have been without smoking cigarettes for 6 months without the withdraws or the terrible side effects of it always being on my mind.

I bought Blu to begin with but the taste or hit from it didn't do anything for me. I finally decided to do more research. I discovered a company called iTazte. So I for purchased the starter kit from http://www.mtbakervapor.com/. I purchased the Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 Starter Kit.

They helped me make the correct purchases, for the cantorizers and vapor solution. Also sent me a couple of there custom mixes. My favorite by far is there Hawk Sauce with a hint of Candy Cain. 

Then my wife wanted to try it, she was a chain smoker so I thought well I am not for sure it is going to work for her, but slowly she stopped and went to using vapor as well. I then purchased a iTazte MVP with a iClear 30 cantorizor for myself and wife. 

I love the machines so much I purchased a iTazte 134. I love all of these machines. So recommend you try different mixers and flavors to you hit on what you like best. 

So for an on the go I would have to say get a iTaste VV 3.0 starter kit. Also for the cantorizor iClear 30 works the best for me. Make sure to purchase a main machine and slim line that way you are never without your vaporizer. Also keep parts around for your machine. My recommendations are below, one more thing you might want to start slowly winging yourself off of the nicotine slowly. It WORKS!

iTazte v3.0

iClear 30 - I would have 2 of these on hand.

iTazte MVP 2.0

iTazte 134

iClear Replacement Head - I would get a couple packs of 11