Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cybercrime going up, says Fraud Intelligence Bureau boss

National Fraud Intelligence Bureau boss, detective superintendent Pete O’Doherty, has said that, from his daily experience, there's a fast hike in cybercrime underway.

Talking to the London Evening Standard, he said that the complexity and volume of such crime is on the rise, both as a specific crime and facilitator of other types of crime.

"Cyber fraud has been described as the modern-day burglary. Now you don’t have to be in a person’s house to rob them — you can be sitting in Russia, for example, and using servers to rob someone in London. It is a global threat," he has told the news provider.

Some seven in ten reported fraud offences have a cyber component, he said. That's against four in ten around half a decade ago.

And according to the news provider, year-on-year reports of purely cyber crimes have leapt to 22,315 annually, from last year's 11,523, police data shows. That includes close to 500 instances in which companies claimed to have faced server hacking.