Monday, May 12, 2014

IMPD issues fraud alert for serial scammer

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police issued a warning this week about a fraudulent contractor whose victims are spread citywide.

Quite simply, police say, if Jason Moore shows up at your business – tell him to leave. And then call 911.

"I think he deserves to feel the wrath of the law for what he's done," said Bill Winand, one of Moore's alleged fraud victims. "If he doesn't get stopped, he's just going to continue to do it. He just preys on innocent people."

Last month, Moore allegedly showed up at Tommy's Jerky with an offer to replace the signage on the business. Winand wrote Moore a check as a down payment – never to hear from him again.

Kelly Brown got the same sales pitch, and the same result, at her business, Another One's Treasure.

"It's not so much the money for me as he's been on every side of town doing this," Brown said. "And he needs to be stopped."

Steve's Florist got hit hard, writing Moore two checks totaling nearly $1,300. That was more than two months ago.

"My son and I are very angry with him because he has not kept in touch with us. He doesn't show up," said Steve Huth. "We feel we've been taken."

Metro police believe more than a dozen small businesses may have been taken in by Moore's sales pitch. Investigators say it's a bad sign if Moore winds up in your store.

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