Thursday, May 8, 2014

RI Division of Taxation Issues E-Mail Fraud Alert

The Division of Taxation has issued an alert urging taxpayers to beware of a fraudulent e-mail scheme claiming to involve Rhode Island corporate tax penalties.
Division of Taxation Alert

Rhode Island Tax Administrator David M. Sullivan has warned taxpayers to be on the alert for a fraudulent e-mail scheme in which someone claiming to be from the Rhode Island Department of Revenue appears to be billing recipients for corporate tax.

“Those who send such e-mails may be trying to steal a recipient’s money, identity, or both,” Sullivan said. “Do not open such e-mails. If you open one by accident, do not respond – and especially do not open any links or attachments,” Sullivan said.

In the e-mail, the subject of which is “Payment notice,” someone claiming to be “Head of Rhode Island Department of Revenue” tells the recipient, “Good afternoon! You has the penalties for corporate tax.” The e-mail (which contains numerous grammatical errors) includes an attachment. The attachment may contain a computer virus of some kind, or a link that will prompt the recipient to disclose personal information.