Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Charlotte man accused of hail damage insurance claim fraud


North Carolina Department of Insurance commissioner Wayne Goodwin announced the arrest of a Charlotte man accused of hail damage insurance claim fraud.

Ronald Leonard Pierce, 56, was charged with 108 counts of obtaining property by false pretense.

After a yearlong investigation, Department of Insurance criminal investigators allege that Pierce was acting as a public adjuster without a license to provide those services for two of his businesses, Clear Choice Construction and Piedmont Disaster Services.

Pierce is accused of providing inflated hail damage repair estimates to homeowners.

“For all of the 108 charges we're looking at a sum of $450,000 in fraudulent and allegedly fraudulent claim payments,” said Marni Schribner, a spokeswoman with the NC Department of Insurance.

It’s not the only state agency that has been tracking Pierce’s businesses.

Eyewitness News checked records with the NC Secretary of State’s Office and found that the state had revoked one of Pierce’s business licenses in 2013 and notified him that they may do the same with his second company because he had not filed the required annual reports with their office.