Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Most IT secretaries unaware of their role

NAGPUR: Victims of any kind of cyber fraud can avail civil remedy or suitable compensation by approaching the IT secretary of their home state. However, concerned officials from most states in the country are either not aware of their duty or not responsive or techno-savvy enough to reply to the complaint mails sent to them.

This came to fore when city-based NGO Cyber Awareness Organisation sought help for cyber fraud victims. The NGO had written mails to IT secretaries of more than 20 states but only a few responded while a majority ignored their request. Surprisingly, while mails to the official IDs of Bihar and Jharkhand bounced, the IT secretary of Uttar Pradesh maintained that a cyber crime was to be dealt by the IT cell of police and he had no role in solving it.

"As we were approached by people living in these states for help, we wrote to the IT secretaries on their behalf. The most shocking behaviour was of the UP official. Not only did we write to him but our client even went and met him. Despite explaining him the entire case, the adjudicator insisted that he could not help and that we approach the local police," said cyber law expert and president of Cyber Awareness Organization Mahendra Limaye.