Wednesday, April 8, 2015

IC3 Releases Alert on Web Site Defacements

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued an alert addressing recently perpetrated Web site defacements. The defacements advertise themselves as associated with the Islamic State in the Levant (ISIL) a.k.a. Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS). However, FBI assesses that the perpetrators are not actually associated with this group. The perpetrators exploit WordPress content management system (CMS) vulnerabilities, leading to disruptive and costly effects.

Users and administrators are encouraged to review the IC3 Alert for details and refer to the US-CERT Alert TA13-024Afor information on CMS security.

IC3 Issues Alert for Fake Government Websites

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has released an alert that warns consumers of fraudulent government-services websites that mimic legitimate ones. Scam operators lure consumers to these fraudulent websites in order to steal their personal identifiable information (PII) and collect fees for services that are never delivered.

US-CERT encourages users to review the IC3 Alert for details and refer to the US-CERT Tip ST04-014 for information on social engineering and phishing attacks.

Monday, April 6, 2015

IBM unearths sophisticated bank transfer cyber scam

The IBM (NASDAQ:IBM) Security group has unearthed a sophisticated bank transfer cyber scam, involving a well-funded Eastern European gang. The gang had used the Dyre malware, along with phishing and phone calls to withdraw funds between $500,000 to $1 million.