Thursday, December 3, 2015

Home Tech Gear List "Computing"

System Setup @ Home.

I get asked a lot around this time of the year what I run for my different technology needs at home.

Main Station Alienware 17 Windows 10
Backup Station Dell Latitude Ubuntu/Kali
Router Cisco 2911
Firewall Cisco ASA 5510
Switch Cisco 3560-24 POE
Mouse Alienware TactX
Wireless Apple Airport Extreme
Peripherals Dell U2713H HDMI External Monitor
Backup Img Western Digital 2TB External Drive
Servers 2 Dell R710 Cluster with Server Ubuntu Linux
Drobo i8000 w/ 16TB for Storage

Extra EDC;

Apple iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Apple Smart Keyboard
Apple iPhone 6S, Apple Watch, AppleTV