Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Invite your Friends, Family and Community to Report Their Internet Speed.

Invite your Friends, Family and Community to Report Their Internet Speed.
Thank you again for submitting your information to the  Broadband Infrastructure Office's Speed Reporting Tool. 

Your speed information plays an important role in helping communities strategize and plan for their communities and to identify the areas that are unserved and underserved around the state. 

Now we would like to ask you to invite your friends, family and community to submit their speed information. 
How to Share
We wanted to make it as easy for you as possible to share. You can share it a few different ways. We invite you to do one or all of these.

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Thank you for helping us spread the word!          
About the Broadband Speed Reporting Tool
North Carolina will be better able to identify and address places that lack reliable internet service using a new tool launched today by the North Carolina Department of Information Technology's (DIT) Broadband Infrastructure Office. People will be able to use the new interactive mapping tool to report whether they have internet access at their home or business and determine the speeds received at their address.

The data provided by North Carolinians will be used to populate a map that will show the speed of internet services that households and businesses receive at locations across the state. This information is then used to report coverage data to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).