Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hire a Hacker

Employers look at real-life hackers as taboo. Not script-kiddies that run scripts from a terminal window, hackers are self-motivated in the real-life world by intrigue and trying to figure out how to create a window of opportunity or solution.

We are targeted as people that smoke weed and hack for fun, that is almost true, but we are self-motivated with IQ’s over 150 to 200 so on. I do not speak for all, but I relate to most. We did not pick our career to be IT Specialist. We pick it for the sure joy and pleasure of learning and advancing technology, no other motivation is needed.

To live a lot of us have taken bad roles in the electronic world because well we need to eat too. I want to wear my hoodie at the office. I want to relax and be able to code and fix holes in the system, but we are not allowed to do it because of the corporate role.

No one else understands the little things we do to conform just to have a job. They think I am wearing a suit and tie with an MBA, I am so perfect, no you are not you are the other side of the company “thats representation”.  No one cares about the tech behind it. I must be honest my work place doesn’t mess with me. I try to be professional in human interaction and clothes.

The next time you hire a hacker/or administrator get someone that has the real technological love that most hackers do. If not, you will be joining the ranks or the Equifax CIO and Uber. What a bunch of slackers.

By the way most Hackers will put in 60 to 80 hours a week, so learn to pay them.

A LinkedIn profile for Susan M. says she's served in the CSO role since 2013. She previously worked at First Data Corporation, Sun Trust Banks and HP. She studied music in college and earned her MFA from the University of Georgia.
Via "http://money.cnn.com/2017/09/15/news/equifax-top-executives-retiring/index.html"

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