Monday, November 8, 2021

Bad Drone Quadcopter

 Images of the DJI knock off Do Not BUY you will thank me later. This is sold as a engineer made with the costs of go down and it is just a Chinese knock off  

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Cloud or No Cloud?


Since the whole political thing has happened, Cloud computing companies have flexed their muscles. If you do not agree with them, they “do the woke thing” and turn your account off and businesses/lifestyle must change.

Well yes, they are a private company and can control user information they processed to what you see. At the same time, they listen or record keywords in your conversations though the microphones, searches to solicitate products to you. Then sell that information to advertisers to create a data pool for them to focus on you.

So, they as big tech data warehouses sell your information as the Dark Web sells your personal information. I can go buy a credit card on the Dark Web if your credit score is above what I choose.

Now let us reverse this, I own a drugstore, and a young lady comes in to buy a morning after pill, and I refuse to sell it to her because I think it is wrong to do so and I say to that person I am not going to sell this to her because of just a made-up story I thought she was creating. (I am not agreeing either way just an example the person could have been raped) No matter what it is an over-the-counter drug now. No questions asked. Then she goes and complains that she did not get it because someone at a pharmacy said no.

While being wrong “the drugstore” gets huge number of bad reviews and then the cloud company that hosted the site kills the businesses website and communication with the customers. While at the same time it was one employee that created the issue and was fired, they cannot correct or communicate what happened.

What I am saying is do not put your eggs in one simple basket. Your convenience might lead to your downfall.